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Scottish Scientist Unravels Dan Brown Mystery

Thursday, 13 May 2010


The secret astronomical meaning of the 'Lost Symbol', featured in Dan Brown's novel of the same name, has been discovered by a scientist from Glasgow, Scotland.


David Cumming's discovery unveils a hidden storehouse of astronomical information that relates to what Einstein called, 'the greatest coincidence in the Universe.' The discovery sheds new light on the origin of our Sun, Earth, and Moon and supports recent scientific speculation about the nature of our Universe.


The 'Lost Symbol' in Dan Brown's novel - a point within a circle- represents the creator of the universe in many ancient cultures, religions, and philosophies. (In the final paragraphs of his book, Brown asserts that 'God' is the Lost Symbol, so for Brown's most pernickety fans, this discovery is about the lost meaning of the Lost Symbol of the Lost Symbol - Brown is never an easy read!).


In ancient religions and philosophies such as Hinduism and the ancient Egyptian culture, and in Western philosophical traditions such as that of Freemasonry, the point within the circle can be found with two vertical lines, one on either side of the circle, an image that David Cumming shows is integral to deciphering the Symbol's long-lost meaning. In the modern world, the symbol is common though its meaning has been lost until now. As Dan Brown points out, one of the most prominent examples of the lost symbol can be seen in the Washington monument, when viewed from above.


David Cumming said: "The secret meaning of the lost symbol is a gateway to a fantastic set of astronomical coincidences. Einstein called one of these coincidences 'the greatest coincidence in the Universe", namely the fact that the moon completely covers the sun during a solar eclipse.


"To solve the puzzle and uncover the secret meaning of the 'Lost Symbol', I replaced the initial 'point within a circle' symbol, representing the Earth's orbit around the Sun, by the astronomical figure '366', the number of days in Earth's orbit around the Sun, in relation to the fixed stars. Then the two columns, or vertical lines found in history connected to the symbol, are placed on either side of 366, giving 13661."



"When this number is doubled, this calculation gives the answer 27322. When a decimal point is added to make 27.322, we have the exact number of days in the Moon's orbit around the Earth, again according to the fixed stars. This simple arithmetical manipulation points to a whole system of stunning astronomical 'coincidences' related to Einstein's 'most amazing coincidence'."


Cumming spent several years of research and recently some difficult months pouring over astronomy charts and statistics with a calculator before discovering the secret gateway of the Lost Symbol. The stunning implications of the Lost Symbol, and other newly uncovered secret scientific knowledge, including the symbol's revelation as the 'Lost Secret' of Freemasonry, will be revealed in 'The Lost Symbol and the Lost Secret,' by David Cumming, published in December 2010 by Anderson Publishing, Glasgow. ISBN 978-0-9560933-7-0. Call 0844 567 9366 (Int'l +44 844 567 9366) to pre-order this title now to secure your copy. All usual credit/debit cards accepted. Or go online from May 17th, to pre-order 'The Lost Symbol and the Lost Secret,' at www.bigmediapr.com/LSLS/preorder. Available in the shops December 2010 at £18.99.


David Cumming added: "This discovery reinforces the recently developed theorising by many physicists and statisticians that we live in a simulated world. We may well be in some sort of vast advanced computer simulation, a constructed world, and not know it."





David Cumming is available for interview in Japan 17th-28th May, San Francisco 31st May - 4th June, New York 7th-11th June, and Los Angeles 14th-18th June. Phone, email, IM  by arrangement.


Notes to editors


David Cumming (54) was born in the Temple area of Glasgow in 1955. He is a lifelong student of consciousness studies, meditation, religion, and martial arts.


Following qualifications at Glasgow, and Robert Gordon Universities, he studied as a PhD student (unfinished due to business committments) with Professor Kevin Warwick. He now  works within the field of artificial intelligence with Intelligent Earth. During his time at Robert Gordon University, he was awarded an MSc with Distinction for his work with artificial neural networks on a NASA space shuttle microgravity experiment that flew as a full canister experiment on the Space Shuttle Endeavour.


Benchmarks in his career include leading the Intelligent Earth team that developed the world's first advertising system that changes according to the gender and age of the viewer. He was also involved in the development of Doki, 'the World's Most Gender-Aware Robot', which featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Cumming is also the CEO of Safe Cities Ltd, working as team leader on the development of a prize-winning intelligent custody photography system in collaboration with the Association of Chief Police Officer's (ACPO) on the Facial Images National Database (FIND) project. These intelligent photography systems are now being installed around Britain as a front-end for the National Database.


David Cumming currently lives in Edinburgh and is pursuing his studies into the nature and cultivation of consciousness in humans and machines.