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Scunthorpe Staff Eye Up Qualifications

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Five staff from a Scunthorpe opticians have returned to the class room to study for further qualifications.

With support from their colleagues, Linzi Seaman, 24, Lucy Ogman, 24, Joanne Clark, 23, Laura Chambers, 23, and Sinead Ladden, 22, are all hitting the books as part of Specsavers' personal development programme.

Miss Seaman and Miss Ogman have been studying for the past 18 months to become contact lens dispensing opticians. The qualification specialises in contact lens consultation, exploring which lenses are suitable for different needs, learning about conditions that can arise from not wearing them properly and the fitting of contact lenses for customers.

Miss Clark and Miss Ladden have become study buddies as they swot up for their  Ophthalmic Dispensing Diploma - a three-year degree level course which focuses on optics, ophthalmic lenses, spectacle frames, anatomy and physiology, dispensing and ophthalmic instruments which will lead to professional examinations of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians.

Miss Chambers is currently revising for her three-year Ophthalmics Dispensing Foundation Degree course.

Once qualified, dispensing opticians are specialists who fit prescriptions for spectacles and can assess the suitability of both spectacle lenses and frames to provide the best solution for the customer.

All staff are studying in their own time and building upon the hands-on experience they are gaining from working in store. The courses are run by Bradford and Ikley Community College.

The new qualifications will enhance the 40-strong team's service offer, allowing everyone in the area to access the very latest in eyecare and the best personal service in the busy Scunthorpe store.

Miss Clark says: 'Studying for the qualification has given me in-depth training of pre-testing, contact lenses and the anatomy of the eye meaning I can give much more thorough advice about eyecare to our customers.

'It's a common misunderstanding, but many people believe an eye test purely tests your vision. People don't understand that an eye examination is an essential part of your healthcare routine which can detect many medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. With my additional training I'm now much more geared up to offer advice and educate customers on eye-related health issues.'

Specsavers Scunthorpe store director, Andrew Mortimer says: 'The girls are a great example of the level of experience and expertise the team here boasts.  Their commitment to ongoing personal development ensures that the people of Scunthorpe receive the very latest in eyecare and the best personal service.

'Everyone here is so proud of them as they're all working really hard, not just in store, but also in their own time to graduate and they're a real asset to our team and our customers.'

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