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September Best Month For Fresh Starts

Monday, 28 September 2009

A survey from cruise holiday company Cruise118.com has revealed that more than 70 per cent of us are most likely to make a life changing decision in the month of September.

Whether it's moving house, changing jobs, or ending a relationship, research carried out by the cruise retailer shows that September is the most favoured month for fresh starts.

1000 people were asked what kind of decisions they had made at this time of year with one in five saying they had decided to change jobs and almost one in ten saying they had ended a relationship.

James Cole, director at Cruise118.com, said: "Feedback from our survey suggests that September is an ideal time to make an important decision as many people have just come back from their summer holiday feeling refreshed and in a better position to make an important judgement call. December was the month people felt they were least likely to make these kinds of decisions.

"We've also noted a 20 per cent increase in bookings during the first two weeks in September which suggests that people are returning back to work from their holidays and already thinking about the next opportunity to get away from it all."

More than 10 per cent of those asked said decisions involving moving house or home improvements were amongst those most likely to be made in September and almost a third (31 per cent) said they were most likely to embark on a diet or fitness plan at this time of year as opposed to making a new year's resolution in January.

James added: "There are many factors supporting the fact that September is the preferred month to make lifestyle changes and holidays undoubtedly play a part in this in that people tend to return home and decide to shake things up a bit.

"And it's not always major decisions that people feel more inclined to undertake after being on holiday. Following a blowout on holiday the survey results suggest that when people return home many feel the need to make up for their holiday excesses by embarking on a healthier lifestyle by dieting, exercising or giving up smoking.

"Whether all of these decisions are followed through is another matter, but we certainly seem to be at our most motivated in September following a relaxing summer holiday."

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