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Shaf Rasul and Athif Sarwar Join Forces to Grill Young Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Young Scottish entrepreneurs were put through their paces at a recent event held by The University of Strathclyde’s Enterprise Pathway initiative. Hopeful entrepreneurs were grilled by two of Scotland’s most successful businessmen, Shaf Rasul and Athif Sarwar, as they prepare for success in the business world.

The Enterprise Pathway is an initiative that is run through The University of Strathclyde and aims to help young students develop and test their entrepreneurial business skills before launching into real the world of business.

Rasul and Sarwar didn’t hold back as they quizzed each young entrepreneur on their business ideas. Questions ranged from market place sustainability, to competitor analysis and the overall feasibility of their business plans.

Athif, an enthusiastic entrepreneur and businessman based in Glasgow, said: “Putting the young hopefuls through their paces in the interview demonstrated that there are some really bright entrepreneurs out there.  I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from them in the coming years.

“It is imperative that these students gain experience of a tough interview environment as it is one that they will need to face in the outside world if they are to be successful.

“Business ideas like these are vital for Scotland’s economic future and I hope that these interviews helped the students gain experience and vision for their future.”

Shaf Rasul, who is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s most successful businessmen added:

“The level of innovation I saw today was incredible. Many of the ideas that were pitched are workable business ventures which could make the participants very successful.”

Both businessmen were highly impressed by the calibre of potential and promise that they saw throughout the day’s event, and were full of praise and support for the Enterprise Pathway initiative.

The Enterprise Pathway course is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, postgraduate researchers as well as early career research staff. Participants of the course learn a wide range of skills that will benefit them as they venture into the world of business such as; networking, negotiation, presentation and leadership. They also get the opportunity to participate in practical exercises such as business pitches and the development of business plans.

To find out more about Enterprise Pathway, visit their Official Website today.