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Simple Way To Care For Dry Sensitive Skin Prone To

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

More than five and a half million British adults and children suffer from eczema, with many reactions resulting from the amount of soaps and household detergents families use on a daily basis1.

Help is at hand for those who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions. Simple, the UK's No.1 Facial Skincare brand2 has developed Simple Derma, an innovative range of products specifically developed for very dry sensitive skin prone to eczema and dermatitis.  Dermatologically approved, hypoallergenic and suitable for children, the Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream and Simple Derma Intensive Relief Lotion are also clinically proven to show results in just four days³.

Simple Derma contains a unique combination of ingredients and works by creating a protective barrier over the skin locking in moisture, helping to restore and maintain the health of skin. Natural AquaxylTM is a moisturising plant ingredient that deeply hydrates and restores the skins natural moisture levels while Canola Oil replenishes, soothes and protects by creating a protective layer around skin to lock in moisture and keep further allergens out.

The Simple Derma range includes:

Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream 50ml & 125ml

From £2.19 (RRP)

Clinically proven to show results in just four days, the concentrated Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream wraps a protective barrier around skin to restore natural moisture levels and keep irritants out.

Simple Derma Intensive Relief Lotion 200ml & 400ml

From £3.19 (RRP)

This intensive lotion is clinically proven to show results in just four days and is ideal for treating skin that is very dry, sensitive or prone to itchy irritating conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Simple Derma Intensive Relief Shower Cream 200ml

£4.69 (RRP)

This non-foaming Intensive Relief Shower Cream gently cleanses for deep-down hydration to restore skin's natural moisture levels and prevent skin from drying out further.

Simple Derma Intensive Relief Hand Cream, 50ml

£3.79 (RRP)

The hands are a very common area for eczema. Simple Derma Intensive Relief Hand Cream is a concentrated, non-greasy fast acting cream that deeply hydrates to prevent further moisture loss


The Simple Derma Intensive Relief range is available nationwide from Boots, Superdrug and Lloyds Pharmacy's.

For further stockist details call 0121 712 6523 or visit http://www.simple.co.uk/


Notes to editors:

1 Colin R Simpson, John Newton, Julia Hippisley-Cox, Aziz Sheikh, 'Trends in the epidemiology and prescribing of medication for eczema in England', Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 2009; 102:108-117

2Source: IRI UK Non-Medicated Facial Skincare units 52 w/e 8th August 2009


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