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Sir Brian Suspends Google Campaign After Website Is Reinstated

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Transport tycoon and international benefactor Sir Brian Souter has suspended his campaign against Google after his official website was reinstated by the world's No1 search engine.

Sir Brian launched a vociferous campaign against Google earlier this week after his website mysteriously disappeared from Google searches. He accused Google of censoring what we are allowed to see on the internet.

Today his website www.briansouter.com was back near the top of Page1 and Sir Brian said: "As long as my website continues to be available for people to see on Google, I am content to suspend the campaign.

"This was a freedom of speech issue and it has shown that I am not alone in suffering at the hands of Google.

"I will be passing a dossier of complaints from other aggrieved website owners to Westminster's Culture Media and Sport Committee."

When asked if he considered it a victory for David over Goliath he said: "Justice has been done and I am satisfied with the outcome."

Gordon Beattie, Sir Brian's PR and media advisor, added: "It has been suggested by Google that the site was reinstated after we followed their suggestion of redirecting the non www version of the domain to Sir Brian's website. We don't accept that.

"We implemented their suggestion more than two weeks ago and the site continued to be blocked until Sir Brian went public.



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