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Software Guides Practice Managers Through Cqc Nightmare

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Business management software already in use by practice managers to help comply with a range of red tape issues could now help towards registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

GP practices across England already use Employersafe to help ensure they work within the law on issues such as employment law and health and safety.

Now the software has been updated to include a new module geared specifically at helping practices follow the various processes needed to ensure they register with the CQC in time for the Government's April 2012 deadline.

Annabel Dawkins, marketing manager for ELAS, the company behind Employersafe, said: "Navigating any small business through the web of red tape in the UK can be a bit of a nightmare, which is why we developed Employersafe in the first place.

"When we saw that navigating through the 28 outcomes and all the different sub-outcomes involved in registering with the CQC can be just as difficult and time-consuming, we decided to design a tool to help."

Employersafe CQC Compliance has been designed specifically with GP practices in mind and aims to guide them, in a clear step-by-step way, through preparing all the policies and procedures practice managers need to prepare as part of the registration process.

A simple, on-screen traffic light shows when managers are up to date while the package also includes a library of scores of template documents which practices can tailor and use accordingly.

"This is not registration in a box but nor could it possibly be," said Miss Dawkins. "Instead, Employersafe will guide practice managers through compiling all the information they need in a clear, simple and structured way.

"More importantly, it does not stop working on April 1 but will keep on reminding managers when documents need refreshing or renewing in the months and years to come.

"And if managers are still not quite clear on what needs to be done, our team of experts are always on hand, ready at the click of a button, to help with specific issues - whether that is handling restricted substances or putting together a practice-specific fire risk assessment."

For more information about Employersafe CQC Compliance, call ELAS on 08450 50 40 60.




To arrange an interview with Annabel Dawkins, or for any further information, contact: ELAS@beattiegroup.com