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Tuesday, 01 May 2012

Mabey Hire Services, part of the 150-year old Mabey Group, has launched two new products designed to deliver significant time and cost savings to the construction industry.

The new Supershaft plus and TuffTrak products are exclusively available from Mabey Hire Services and have been created to meet specific demands from the sector.

Supershaft plus is the longest and strongest heavy duty brace available on today's construction market and is designed to support the ground during large excavations, particularly for the installation of tanks and foundations.

Supershaft plus allows a contractor to use fewer frames for excavation thus reducing installation time, down time and the possible charges incurred through damages, delivering a cost-effective solution and faster project completion.

Designed by Mabey engineers working on specific projects, it is already being used on a number of sites.

TuffTrak is an all-terrain heavy duty road mat that can be used in any instance where the ground is too unstable or unable to carry vehicles directly, or, where the ground needs to be protected from heavy vehicles accessing a construction site.

Designed to prevent bogged down vehicles, TuffTrak offers a solution for all temporary roadway, ground protection and access applications looking to improve site access and reduce health and safety risks on site.

A drop-in bolt system reduces installation time and site down time and the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material means TuffTrak can be used in areas where theft is a high risk as it cannot be sold for scrap like its aluminium counterparts. In addition, TuffTrak has inbuilt flexibility which means it can be used on undulating ground, reducing the risk of damage. The unique chevron design surface also provides ultimate grip, delivering forward traction and reducing sideways movement and slippage.

Mark Rooney, Managing Director of Mabey Hire Services, said: "Product innovation is at the heart of our business as we continuously look to expand into new product areas to provide significant time and cost savings for our clients.

"Both Supershaft plus and TuffTrak have been designed in response to demand from the industry and combine innovative technology and unique features to provide the highest levels of performance, safety and ease of use.

"In addition, our site demonstrator service ensures that clients using our new products will know how to use them correctly and safely, delivering improved efficiencies and reduced risks on site."

For more information about Mabey Hire Services product range and support services visit www.mabeyhireservices.com


Notes to Editor:

Mabey Hire Services Ltd is part of the family owned Mabey Group which is one of the leading bridge builders in the world. The Group has been in business for 150-years and has a turnover in excess of £100 million.

Mabey Hire Services includes the companies previously known as Mabey Hire, Murrayplant and Mabey Support Systems and together the company employs 393 staff, including 35 engineers, across 18 depots nationwide.

With a turnover in excess of £34 million, Mabey Hire Services offers hire products to the construction industry including:

-          Groundworks - services include design, installation and training

-          Formwork and Falsework - from girder systems for multispan viaduct construction to parapet cantilever replacement works the modular products provide cost-effective solutions with in-house design, installation and training

-          Propping and jacking - Planning and programming and the delivery of innovative solutions for propping buildings, bridges and other structures

-          Temporary Bridging - an extensive range of site access equipment and temporary and permanent steel bridging systems from a 3m trench to an 80m new span road which can be supplied piece of fully erect

-          Contract Services - full subcontract engineering design, supply and installation packages to deliver a full turnkey solution