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Survey Reveals Hair Is Mane Attraction

Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Forget cellulite and sagging skin, a new survey has revealed that British women's 'mane' obsession is hair.

The study, conducted by The Alopecia Clinic, showed that women are more concerned about losing their hair or managing unwanted hair than they are about gaining weight or getting wrinkles.

Women across the country aged 18-70 were asked which common embarrassing body issues they thought were least attractive to the opposite sex.

Hair loss or thinning hair came out tops with 46 per cent and unwanted hair was next on the list with 24 per cent.

Other problem areas included sagging skin (12 per cent), cellulite or weight gain (10 per cent) followed by wrinkles (two per cent).

When asked which age-related body issues they were most afraid of developing, the majority (52 per cent) said getting wrinkles was their biggest worry.

Andy McCarthy from The Alopecia Clinic said: "The majority of my clients are female and come into the clinic feeling extremely self-conscious and understandably distressed about losing their hair.

"Loss of hair or thinning hair can have a tremendous impact on a woman's self esteem, reflected by the fact that so many people think it is the one common body issue which would make them least attractive to the opposite sex.

"Yet the fact that so few are worried that it will happen to them, compared with 52 per cent who fear getting wrinkles, suggests that people aren't aware just how common alopecia is."

Alopecia affects one in four women and a third of men at any one stage in their lives.

Studies have shown clear links between stress and alopecia, reflected in the fact that alopecia is particularly common in younger women experiencing high volumes of stress either in the workplace or at home.

Andrew continues: "What people don't realise is that hair loss will affect one in four women at any point in their lives and is more likely to occur as a result of excessive stress rather than aging.

"Women seem less concerned about gaining weight or developing cellulite as these can be controlled to some extent. Hair loss often occurs as a reaction to uncontrollable factors such as adverse reactions to medication or even hormonal changes during pregnancy."

Wrinkles remain the top concern when growing older, reflected in the fact that anti aging products remain the top selling beauty product in the UK.

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