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Survey shows Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but according to a new survey it’s not all about hearts, flowers and chocolates.

This year, a third of Brits will send a Valentine’s card to someone other than their partner or romantic interest, according to research by Venture Photography, the UK’s biggest family photographer.

The average person will send not one but two Valentine’s cards with plenty being delivered to parents and close friends as a way of showing how much they mean to them. Some 47 per cent of people who responded to Venture’s online survey also said they send their extra card to their own children.

A further one in ten pet owners questioned even admitted to sending themselves or a partner Valentine’s Day cards from their pets.

Richard Mayfield, Venture’s Creative Director, says: “Our research proves that it’s not just romantic love that is celebrated on Valentine’s Day. It is just as important to us to celebrate the affection and close bonds we share with all the people in our lives who are fundamental to our happiness including parents, friends, children and even pets.”

Venture’s survey was commissioned to coincide with its ‘Lots of Love’ campaign which celebrates love in all its forms – from love shared by families and romantic love to platonic love between friends.

Mr Mayfield adds: “We see all forms of love being celebrated in our studios during photoshoots. Any photoshoot, whether it’s with a partner or your entire family, is a great way of capturing the love and affection that you feel for your loved ones.”

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  • Who do you tend to send Valentine’s Day cards to?
  • Partner/romantic interest (66%) Other (34%)
  • How many Valentine’s Day cards do you send each year?

One (43%) Two (52%) Three or more (5%)

  • If you send more than one card each year, who do extra card(s) go to?

Friend (25%) Parents (10%) Child/Children (47%) Secret love interest/crush (13%) Other (5%)

  • Do you own a pet?
  • Yes (37%) No (63%)
  • If you have a pet, have you ever sent a Valentine’s Day card on behalf of your pet?

Yes (11%) No (89%) 

1,013 people responded to Venture’s survey



  • Venture, the leading contemporary photography company, was founded in 2000.
  • Venture introduced a new concept to the world of portrait photography, reinventing the staged “family portrait”. A Venture shoot is designed to be a full experience, capturing the magic moment by encouraging natural, playful behaviour during the shoot resulting in eye-catching photographs to treasure forever
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