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Top Scottish Cosmetic Surgeons Team With Nagor To Offer Pip

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A group of Scotland's top cosmetic surgeons has teamed with Nagor, a Cumbernauld-based breast implant manufacturer, to offer PIP implant patients heavily discounted replacement surgery.

The surgeons, from Glasgow-based Confidence Cosmetic Surgery, will reduce their normal costs for breast surgery by up to 60 per cent for patients concerned about the PIP implants which have sparked health fears in recent weeks. Nagor will supply its implants free to those who have suffered PIP ruptures.

Confidence Cosmetic Surgery group, which was established in summer 2011, will offer replacement surgery for £1,850 to patients who have two ruptured PIP implants, £1,975 for those with one ruptured implant, and £2,100 for patients whose PIP implants have not ruptured, but who want to have them removed regardless. Normal prices for breast augmentation at Confidence range from £3,500 to £5,000.

Mr Stephen Morely, Medical Director for Confidence Cosmetic, said: "While Confidence has never used PIP implants, we are committed to helping patients who have and are now worried about ruptures.

"The main thrust of us establishing Confidence was to educate people about doing their homework before undergoing any form of cosmetic surgery and avoiding using unreliable clinics. The same ethos applies for unreliable products and we are keen to offer patients who are perhaps not getting the help they need from the clinic that carried out their initial PIP surgery to have these removed.

"We are finding that some women who got these implants several years ago have now found that the clinic they used has gone bust and no longer exists, or that their original clinic is offering no financial help to have them removed - so we're keen to offer them assistance from leading BAPRAS registered surgeons for as low a price as possible.

"We have also set up a consultation and scanning service where PIP patients can see one of our leading surgeons and get results on the very same day indicating whether their implants have ruptured or not."

Anyone wishing to seek advice from Confidence Cosmetic can visit www.confidencecosmetic.com or call 0844 375 5836.



Issued by Beattie Communications (www.beattiegroup.com) on behalf of Confidence Cosmetics Surgery


Notes to Editors:

Confidence Cosmetic Surgery was formed by ten of Scotland's best plastic surgeons who operate from Nuffield Health in Glasgow as the renowned Canniesburn Plastic Surgery Unit (now located at Glasgow Royal Infirmary).


The team got together to form a cosmetic surgery service solution for Scottish consumers, to highlight the availability of quality services on the doorstep and warn of the dangers of cut price plastic surgery both in the UK and abroad.


Please check out www.confidencecosmetic.com for further information.