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Friday, 02 October 2020

Two private hospitals to continue delivering surgeries across range of specialisms.

A leading independent healthcare provider has extended its partnership with local NHS trusts in the North-West and Midlands to help clear the surgical backlog that has built up as a result of COVID-19.

Two of Transform Hospital Group’s UK-wide network – The Pines hospital in Wythenshawe and Burcot Hall hospital in Bromsgrove – have reached agreements with Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust and Worcester Acute NHS Trust, respectively.

The group has been supporting the NHS since early in the pandemic, by opening its doors to hundreds of patients who would otherwise have had to wait for treatment.

The Pines will now carry out a range of procedures which includes cancer-related breast reconstruction and dermatology surgeries seven days a week – treating up to 100 patients each week. The team there will also carry out breast affirmation surgery on transgender patients from the North of England and Scotland, many of whom may have been awaiting their procedures for an extended period.

Burcot Hall, another of Transform Hospital Group’s specialist weight loss and cosmetic surgery hospitals, is set to treat up to 30 patients per week. It will perform a range of procedures over a six-month period, including optic nerve transection (ONT), transnasal oesophagoscopy (TNO) and vascular surgeries, as well as upper and lower GI, and ENT procedures.

The agreements follow a wider move within healthcare to provide integrated, localised services utilising public-independent partnerships to ease pressure on the NHS and ensure patients trapped on backlogged waiting lists undergo important surgeries.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Transform Hospital Group – which ordinarily specialises in bariatric and cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics – completely overhauled its entire clinical network in just seven days, to provide facilities and staff on a not-for-profit basis to the NHS.

Tony Veverka, CEO of Transform Hospital Group, said: “The NHS has been under immense pressure as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and partnerships like this will allow patients to undergo procedures that may have been paused, but are vitally important to each and every individual.

“Our team at The Pines will carry out procedures including reconstructive surgeries on cancer patients, such as breast reconstruction following mastectomies. These are not only important from a health perspective, but also in ensuring patients regain confidence following what is undoubtedly a stressful period in their lives.

“We will also ensure that many transgender patients who have been awaiting breast affirmation surgery for long periods can finally undergo their surgeries. For patients in this situation, this single procedure is often seen as milestone in their journey to transition.

“Burcot Hall will treat patients via what are commonly known as ‘internal’ surgeries across a range of specialisms, including ear, nose and throat, optics and gastro-intestinal.

“As a result of both partnerships, we will be treating patients seven days week, and making a difference to NHS waiting lists, and to the lives of each individual who is cared for by our experienced surgeons and clinicians.

“Crucially, these partnerships represent what we believe to be an important step change in how the public and independent healthcare sectors interact – both during the pandemic and going forward – focussing on delivering an integrated, localised approach which puts the patient first.”


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