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Uk Engineering Sector Underprepared For Eurocodes

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Results from a recent survey* have revealed that the UK civil engineering sector is inadequately prepared for the transition to Eurocodes, the new set of European structural design codes for building and civil engineering works.


Eurocodes will become the UK's national standards for structural design on 1st April 2010 with a total of 57 British design codes being withdrawn by BSI to be replaced by 58 parts of the 10 new Eurocodes. 


The survey of civil engineers, conducted by Thomas Telford Training, revealed that only 29% of organisations were adequately or fully prepared for the introduction of the new codes. This is in contrast with the industry's perceived importance of the new codes where 58% rated Eurocodes as important or very important, both in terms of their own work and that of their organisation.

In addition, 66% of respondents said that they or their organisation were already using Eurocodes or would be using them in the next six to 12 months. This may mean that some UK designers are facing an uphill challenge to prepare for the introduction of the codes.  The size of the challenge is illustrated by the fact that 76% believe it will take at least five days to get up to speed with 50% believing it will take them more than 10 days, a significant training issue for many organisations.


A worrying 14.3% of respondents were unaware that Eurocodes would replace the current British Standards at the end of March 2010


Mike Cookson, General Manager at Thomas Telford Training comments: "The survey results suggest that the UK civil engineering sector still has work to do in developing competence in applying and using the Eurocodes.


"Time is running out for organisations to get to grips with Eurocodes as British Standards will be withdrawn at the end of March 2010. Continuing to use withdrawn standards could put structural designers and their insurers at increasing risk. We recommend that any organisation or individual, who is unclear about the impending changes, seeks advice and appropriate training as soon as possible. "


To support the industry in its transition to Eurocodes, Thomas Telford Training has developed an extensive range of courses, available throughout the UK, which offer practical support and clear guidance on how to design with Eurocodes.  The courses are all led by recognised subject matter experts and cover:

  • EN1990
  • EN1991
  • EN1992
  • EN1993
  • EN1996
  • EN1997
  • Design of Bridges to Eurocodes
  • Design of Liquid Retaining Structures
  • Design of Retaining Walls
  • Coming soon in 2010 - EN1994, EN1995, EN1998 and EN1999



Notes to editor


* Data based on results from February 2010 survey of 205 Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) members. 


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