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Uks Most Unusual Pub Names Uncovered

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Leading independent accommodation and tourism website iknow-uk.com has scoured the nation to uncover the most unusual pub names in Britain.

While a Kings Arms, White Hart or Red Lion can be found in almost every village or high street in Britain, there can surely only be one Bucket of Blood.

The Bucket of Blood in Cornwall is thought to have the most peculiar and unusual name of any pub in the UK, originating from an incident 200 years ago when a previous owner uncovered a human head from the bucket of a well on the pub's site.

iknow-uk.com's websites list thousands of pubs offering accommodation and the company's regional researchers have listed the most unusual pub names in Britain

The most unusual pub names are:

1. The Bucket of Blood - in Cornwall, said to be named after a previous owner retrieved a human head from the bucket of a well on the pub's site 200 years ago

2. Sally Up Steps - Bolton

3. Bob's Smithy - also in Bolton, named after a blacksmith who spent more time in the pub than he did at work

4. Donkey on Fire - Ramsgate, Kent

5. Bull & Spectacles - in Staffordshire, used to be called The Bulls Head but was renamed after a drunken punter climbed up the front of the pub and placed his glasses on the bull's head statue and left them there

6. Cow & Snuffers - Cardiff

7. The Jolly Taxpayer - Plymouth

8. Round of Carrots - Herefordshire

9. Chemic Tavern - Woodhouse, Leeds

10. The Inn Next Door Burnt Down - Bedfordshire

There are around 57,500 public houses in the UK, with at least one in every city, town and village.

The most common pub names, according to the British Beer and Pub Association, are The Red Lion, of which there are 759, followed closely by 626 Royal Oaks and 427 White Harts.

Marcus Simmons, iknow-uk's managing director, asked his researchers to look into pub-naming trends and anomalies after seeing an increase in the number of people choosing to book accommodation in public houses.

He said: "Pubs are a popular accommodation option for those holidaying in Britain as they represent good value for money and allow you to get a real feel for a place by spending time in what is a key social hub of the community.

"Pub landlords are realising that having a good standard of accommodation available on the premises can be very profitable and we've noted a 50 per cent increase in the number of landlords listing their pubs on our regional sites.

"It's great to see such positive signs of support for the national institution that is the Great British pub as the pub industry has weathered some tough times in recent years."

iknow-uk operates 12 regional websites for accommodation providers including hotels, pubs, guest houses, holiday cottages and B&Bs.

One in five Brits is expected to holiday in the UK this year, resulting in a major boost to the UK's hospitality and accommodation industries.

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