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Uks Youngest Board Challenged To Change Face Skincare

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Vodka, sun-beds, Deep Heat, TCP and nail polish remover; the top five remedies for spotty skin according to a shocking study of UK teenagers.

The report, conducted by Simple, the UK's No. 1 Facial Skincare brand*, has revealed the astonishingly desperate measures that teenagers who suffer from the slightest pimple right through to severe acne will go to in their quest for perfect skin.

The results are extremely worrying, according to Simple's Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Susie Morris, who says:

'Young people are unwittingly causing irreparable, long-term damage to their skin by applying harsh products not meant for their face straight onto raw, irritated and broken skin.

'What's even more worrying is the staggering number of teenagers exposing their raw flesh to sun-beds and sunlamps - one of the surest ways to increase the risk of skin cancer.

'Young people need to be educated that these extreme measures will not only exacerbate their skin problems now, but in later life, when the damage to the skin, particularly from sunbeds becomes more evident and skin begins to age prematurely. This will result in age-spots and wrinkles etc. Also these very harsh treatments, particularly products such as TCP will actually irritate the skin so much that the skin will react by producing even more oil and the acne will get worse. Although the spot may improve initially the result is damage to the epidermis and worsening of acne.'

Simple recently set up the UK's youngest Board of Skincare Advisors in a bid to dispel dangerous skincare myths and inform children about the importance of skin health from an early age.

Simple's Group Marketing Director, Alex Pike, explains: 'While we knew that there was a lack of education around skin health and hygiene among youngsters, the results of this study have shocked us. This issue has now become a number 1 priority for the Junior Board to address. Establishing a good skincare routine at an early age is much better than resorting to drastic measures in later teenage years.

'We set up the Board with the aim of educating teenagers from an early age about the importance of looking after the body's biggest living organ - the skin. We will also explore how to run a business so that they learn about the commercial world, looking at everything from new product development, to packaging and the communications plan.' 

Study summary

Survey carried out by Simple Health and Beauty representatives, including street canvassing of 1,000 teens (700 girls and 300 boys), aged between 13 and 17 years old  in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and London, between Monday 25 and Saturday 30 May 2009.


The survey asked:


  • What extreme measures have you taken to remedy spots and acne?


Top ten responses were as follows:

  • 1. Vodka applied neat to the skin
  • 2. Applying a harsh cleanser and toner to wipe the skin clean followed by a sunbed / sunlamp session
  • 3. Freezing the area with an ice cube followed by an application of muscle relief cream, Deep Heat
  • 4. Neat application of TCP to the problem area
  • 5. Neat application of nail polish remover to the problem area
  • 6. Neat application of perfume or aftershave to the affected area
  • 7. Smother the area in toothpaste before bed time
  • 8. Squeeze all spots until all blood and puss are released and the spot/s run clear
  • 9. Apply a Sudocreme face mask before bedtime and leave it on all night

10. Apply magnesium sulphate to the draw the spot/s 

  • A further 89% of those surveyed said they would try anything to banish spots or acne
  • The street surveys were backed up by an online poll of 3,500 teens in conjunction with teen website, www.stardoll.com


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*IRI UK Non-Medicated Facial Skincare, units 52 w/e 16th May 2009