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Thursday, 08 March 2018

Voice technology will make millions of brands irrelevant – unless they get up to speed with voice marketing.

That’s the warning from Gordon Beattie, founder of Beattie Communications, leaders in voice technology, voice search and voice marketing.

“Only one result comes up when you do a voice search on a mobile phone or a smart voice device like Alexa,” said Beattie.

“So your brand will be invisible to consumers if that single result does not showcase your product or service.

“Some of the biggest brands in the world are in danger of being struck dumb by smaller rivals who have mastered voice technology and voice marketing.

“Leading brands will have to act now or become irrelevant as 20% of all Google searches are already conducted by voice commands and, of course, every command on a device like Alexa has to be spoken.”

An integrated communications agency, Beattie broadcasts a fortnightly podcast dedicated to voice technology and voice marketing. It is also giving away a free voice marketing guide.

Gordon Beattie continued: “We see it as our responsibility to educate the marketing world about the opportunity that voice technology offers. 

“It’s a gold rush and like all Klondikes there will be winners and losers. We are heading to a future without keyboards and the big winners will be the brands that invest in voice marketing today.

“The big losers will be the brands that ignore what is set to be the biggest disrupter of sales and marketing for more than a decade.”

Beattie, the integrated communications agency, has offices in London, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Vancouver and Toronto.