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When Biffa required an impactful launch for its Food Waste service we stepped up to the plate. 59,000 SMEs in Britain generate 70-90kg of food waste every week. We raised awareness and spread the word that power generated from leftovers could be used to fire up our ovens.

What we did

We drove a strategic engagement campaign to boost the number of customers enquiring about Biffa’s food waste collection service. We focussed our efforts on food and drink manufacturers, grocery retail and the catering and hospitality sectors. Through tailored and specific press campaigns, supported by provocative imagery of food waste and expert opinion slots, we tapped into the news agenda.


Biffa was able to take ownership of the issue and show British SMEs how to handle their food waste responsibly. The brand was mentioned in 30 media articles across key customer sectors, reaching an audience of 866,773. Prior to the roll-out of the Food Waste Campaign, Biffa was collecting between 14 and 28 tonnes of new food waste per month. During the first three months of the Food Waste Campaign, Biffa trucks were collecting more than double.

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