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We were tasked by the Association of Coal Importers (CoalImp) with helping positively influence the UK Government’s energy policy and developing a coherent strategy for coal as we make the transition to a low carbon future.

What we did

We drove a strategic engagement campaign to engage politicians and key influencers. We began by writing and distributing a White Paper – ‘Coal, from security to sustainability’ – to a range of key stakeholders across the political and policy debate. A lead launch article was developed with Sylvia Pfeifer, energy correspondent at the FT, and further media briefings with national energy writers.


After years of being ignored, coal’s voice was once again heard within the energy debate by both media and politicians. As the debate rages on how we keep the lights on whilst bridging towards a low carbon future, CoalImp’s senior team continues to be recognised for providing considered and coherent solutions.

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