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Award Winning Integrated Campaign

The Challenge

Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil has taken pride of place in the nation’s vitamin cabinets for decades. With a change of packaging and a fresh look at its established customer base, the iconic brand challenged itself to modernise and attract new customers from a far wider demographic, while remaining as popular as ever with brand loyalists.  We were only too happy to help inject fresh life and new interest into an old favourite. 

The Campaign

Seven Seas wanted to start a movement to encourage people to live the age they feel, and not be held back by the age they are. True age is the age you feel on the inside, not the number of years you’ve clocked up, so we took a completely integrated strategic approach, led by digital, to tell the story of how Cod Liver Oil and essential vitamins and minerals play a vital role in allowing you to live your #TRUEAGE.   

We developed a True Age digital microsite as the central focus of the campaign, encouraging visitors to learn more about the #TRUEAGE movement and the benefits of the Seven Seas’ product range. Built on a flexible .Net CMS (Umbraco) we were able to maximise the volume of content hosted and motivate conversions from the hub to retailer websites (for product purchase), while encouraging users to submit their data for future marketing.

The hub was boosted by a robust and dynamic content strategy allowing us to reach out to and direct our audiences, old and new, to the microsite. We used various mechanics, such as an interactive infographic to educate on the benefits of using the range products and an Omega 3 calculator to allow users to track nutrition from their daily diet. To support the Omega 3 calculator, we collaborated with Stirling and Southampton Universities to put Cod Liver Oil to the test. We measured the Omega 3 levels of 10 online influencers before and after taking Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil Maximum Strength for three months. Our influencers produced organic content in the form of blog and social posts, helping the brand reach an additional 337,000 people.

Competitions and social media engagement were also used to great effect to hold visitors’ interest and deliver our messages. All the while we were capturing data and re-marketing to users to position Seven Seas as the market leader in wellness products.

Offline, as a social experiment, we set up a pop-up shop in the heart of London where clothing was labelled according to age, rather than size. We engaged Psychologist Dr Becky Spellman to analyse customers’ reactions when they were told that certain items were too young or old for them. All shop visitors were captured on camera – along with their reactions and commentary from Dr Becky Spellman – to create unique video content, engagement and conversations, as well as excellent PR content.

The entire campaign was boosted with Google search & display activity. Our PPC campaigns were incredibly targeted and managed with hands-on daily optimisation to ensure ongoing success.  We trialled programmatic advertising over a three-month period allowing us to serve relevant ads to specific users at a time tailored to their browsing habits.

We also created engaging organic & paid social media content, and used new advertising features such as Facebook Canvas.

Seven Seas: Integrated Campaign Seven Seas: Integrated Campaign

The Results

Key products in the Seven Seas range saw year-on-year growth and the brand now has data on 10,000+ customers via the #TRUEAGE microsite.

There were 359,086 total visits to the #TRUEAGE microsite, 160,454 unique visits and 28,911 microsite conversions (users clicking to a retailer to purchase product) and 11,643 competition conversions.

The multi-channel digital marketing campaigns achieved 51,027,013 total impressions and a total reach of 15,095,616.

Seven Seas: Integrated Campaign Seven Seas: Integrated Campaign

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