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When Seven Seaslaunched its first ever gender specific anti-ageing supplement we were tasked with raising awareness across beauty, health and lifestyle media and engaging target audiences. Perfect7 went on to win Product of The Year, a major accolade in product innovation.

What we did

Underpinned by a robust media relations campaign which showcased Perfect7 and drove product placement, news stories and features, we worked with brand ambassador Gaby Roslin to drive awareness and widen reach. Our panel of experts which included nutritionist Helen Bond and nail technician Lucy Tucker increased share of voice through commentary pieces and bespoke features, including a social media takeover with Marie Claire. This was supported by research into the lifestyle habits of younger looking people which brought authority and credibility to the brand and allowed us to secure exclusive features across key titles. An integrated blogger programme enabled us to focus on the product benefits and the importance of supporting the body from within.


We doubled our KPI target for Seven Seas, achieving 230 pieces of media coverage with a reach over 15 million and outstanding message cut through. Perfect7 won product of the year alongside other accolades in what was a hugely successful first year.

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