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Beattie was appointed in July 2012 with a PR brief to introduce Sky as a top northern employer and raise awareness of the business’ CSR programme across the region and to the gaming trade.

What we do

In 2015 Sky Betting and Gaming became an independent company following the sale of its majority share by its parent company Sky. Its independent status allowed us to educate media on the evolution of the brand. As one of the first bookmakers to recognise the potential of online and then mobile platforms for betting and gaming, Sky Betting & Gaming today operates five major online products, Bet, Vegas, Casino, Poker, and Bingo.

Beattie was responsible for announcing employer initiatives, showcasing key employees and putting the spot light on key roles within the company. We devised and implemented campaigns to position Sky Betting & Gaming as leaders in retaining digital talent in the community.


In the past year alone Beattie’s CSR campaign has generated 97 pieces of media coverage with a reach of 78,944,912.

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